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Let’s create a church where everyone has someone to do life with.

Why put myself out there?

God created us to be in relationship with others. It’s all about relationships. We often think we can do life on our own, until we can’t. We value authentic community not because it’s comfortable, but because it’s Biblical. We see in Acts 2:46 that the early church met in homes (circles) and the temple (church). Real life change happens in community.

What is a Circle?

Circles are a small group of 3 to 12 people that hang out together, care for one another, and discuss the weekend message to go deeper with God. The weekend starts the conversation, circles continue the conversation.

“A circle turns a crowd into a community.”


There's a place for you on the team.

Why join a team?

Our mission at Portrait is to inspire generations to experience + express the love of Jesus. God invites us to be part of the story he is writing by being an expression of his heart through serving people. Everyone has a role regardless of age or background.

You were made for this!

Join a team today to begin making a difference. Start by signing up for the Next Steps Course — Discover Purpose. We’ll help you understand how your personality, spiritual gifts, and past experiences have prepared you.

“Everyone is a 10 somewhere!”